Suicidal Tendencies in Astrology

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It is common to everybody that those persons will born in this world will have to die once, i.e. while the time will ripe for death. All of us want to die naturally and peacefully with all our near and dear ones by our deathbed; but these types of death are caused by the old age or by prolong sickness. But unnatural deaths are those which occur due to external factors influences and may be unexpected, sudden untimely and unpredictable like murders, accidents, assignations and suicides.

Suicide is an unnatural death in which a human being intentionally causes his own death because of mental disorders, pressures, misfortunes or troubles.

Astrological factors responsible for suicidal tendencies:

Ascendant: general mentality and psyche of a person

2nd/7th house: Maraka or death inflecting houses

3rd house: indicates initiatives, courage and struggle of life

6th house: indicates injury and enemies

8th house: house of longevity

Mars/Rahu/Ketu: they are fiery planets indicating injury and accidents.

Saturn: significator of longevity and death

Different astrological combinations for suicidal tendencies:

  • To commit suicide an association of factors of death, self and injury is necessary.
  • 3rd house indicates courage and survival instinct of a person, if the 3rd house has negative or malefic relations with the death inflecting planets, the person may commit suicide.
  • 3rd house/lord related to 2nd/6th/8th house/lord indicates failure in life struggle.
  • When ascendant, 8th house and their lords are under the influence of Mars/Ketu or Saturn which also afflicts the Sun, the native may commit suicide.
  • When Sun, Moon and Mercury [soul, mind and thinking] are afflicted by nodes and Mars and Saturn are associated in a horoscope the, native finds it difficult to survive and commits suicide.
  • 6th house indicates animosity of the person, if it is related to ascendant/2nd/7th/ 8th house in any way denotes the person is the biggest enemy of his owns self.
  • Native having ascendant's signs as watery [Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces] and airy [Gemini, Libra, Aquarius] are more prone to suicidal tendencies as they are very emotional and sensitive compared to other elemental signs.
  • If Nodes are not having any relation with any planets may cause psychological imbalances which may relate to suicidal tendencies.
  • Malefic or inharmonious relation between lords of ascendant and 7th house.
  • Malefic or inharmonious relation between lords of ascendant and 2nd house.
  • Lord of ascendant is weak as compared to lord of 8th house indicates low will power and weak logical mind.
  • Moon is related with Saturn/8th house indicates mental imbalances causing suicidal tendencies.
  • 4th house indicates comforts and happiness of the life while the 5th house indicates inner self of a person. If the lord of these houses are set/weak/debilitated/hammed between malefic /afflicted by malefic/inauspiciously placed, indicate lack of comfort and happiness in the natives life and his disharmony with his owns inner self resulting in inner conflicts responsible for suicidal tendencies.
  • Operation of inauspicious planets or death inflicting transits may cause suicidal tendencies in the native.








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Suicidal Tendencies in Astrology

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This article was published on 2011/06/15