The Power of Reverse Marketing for Real Estate Investors Exposed!

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Let's say somebody is advertising in your local newspaper and they're saying they have their house for rent. Could you call them if your niche in real estate is doing lease options or sandwich lease options, in which you take the lease from the seller and you offer a lease that incentivizes you, meaning you get option consideration, you get more money per month, and tell them you’ve got a perfect tenant buyer for their house who has bruised credit and would like to buy a house like theirs on a rent to own basis? That is the power of reverse marketing for real estate investors.  If that's your niche, what would stop you from calling people who have a house for rent and offering them that value proposition? What would stop you from calling every single for rent ad you find every week?

Maybe you might call with a reverse marketing message to phone numbers associated with “for rent” ads that goes something like this: “Hey, I know you have a for rent house, possibly you may have wanted to sell it and just weren't able to. If that's the case, I'd like to buy it, please call me about terms.”

Now, that's not too difficult, but what is a little bit more advanced, what I call reverse mass marketing –this is kind of interesting stuff, this is some next level stuff that very few people do– what happens if you had somebody, you don't have to do it yourself or if you're strapped for cash you can do it yourself, I happen to like other people doing it but that's me. What would stop you from doing it as a “voice blast” after getting the phone numbers typed up and put into a spreadsheet?

Take all the numbers in your local newspaper that are for rent, have them typed up and put into a spreadsheet, and send that exact same message that I just said to you guys over a voice blast using a service that only charges you a few cents per call.

The people who call you back are people who would be looking to sell their house who weren't able to sell their house, are now offering it for rent, and were intrigued by your voicemail call saying “hey, I'd like to buy your house, call me if you're interested in my terms.” When they call you, your job at that point, is to take that prospect and turn them into a seller so that you can purchase their house in a lease option, resell it to a potential buyer tenant you already have lined up in the wings and make money.

It's a very simple niche. Can you use that with a lot of different things? Yes. Is there a voice blasting tool that works better then others? Yes. Will I give it to you? Of course, I will. There are many different services available but of the ones I’ve tried I like CallFire, for price on large call blasts and VoiceShot for ease of use on quick small voice blasts.

No matter which strategy for reverse marketing for real estate investors you use you're going to ask yourself a couple of questions: Who is my market, meaning who is the perfect person who should hear about my message? What are the mediums or media that I can use to reach them? What is the perfect message that will get me the response I'm seeking? No matter what market you’re looking to reach with your message, you can likely reach them through the medium of reverse marketing, not just by telephone or voice blast marketing.

Those of you who are real estate professionals or investors who have yet to use reverse marketing I challenge you to begin thinking now of who is advertising, to do business in a certain way or sell something in a certain way that you can grab their contact info and reverse market them because of what you offer them matches what they are actually spending money or effort to tell the world they have to offer you.

Pretty sweet, huh?

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The Power of Reverse Marketing for Real Estate Investors Exposed!

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This article was published on 2011/09/04