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Timber homes are among the oldest types of homes in most parts of the world. Even during the ancient times, man had already seen the flexibility of wood to be created into shelters. Timber houses last for centuries if properly maintained. Its natural beauty makes it very easy to model without further architectural innovations. And the fact that wood has very low conductivity creates its natural ability to battle against heat.

Unlike building a concrete house that normally involves bulky and complicated labor, building a wooden house is easy and fast. While in concrete house construction, there is an inevitable lengthy curing period, a wooden house can be completed in as fast as few days. There are prefabricated wood parts that can be assembled on-site, leaving less mess at the area.
@Because of the easy method involved in the timber home construction, the entire job can be done without much labor force. There are even do-it-yourself methods to construct the home in just a matter of weeks, compared with concrete house that takes months or even years to complete. The only requirements are the blueprint of the house, carpentry tools, prefabricated lumber, crane operated by a professional, insulating panels and home fixtures.

Using all these materials, the timber home will stand in no time. The only thing needed is to learn the parts and assemble them tightly. Good thing about a wooden home is that the entire structure is precast and the output has already undergone a series of quality control measures. There is nothing much need for metals like in constructing a concrete house that requires many steel bars, except for metal plates used as joints in wooden DIY home construction.

Nonetheless, timber homes have several known downsides. While wood is a combustible material, DIY houses made of timber can easily turn to ashes during fire. This is the reason why extreme caution with the use of flammable materials must be applied when living in a timber home.

Furthermore, wood can easily be infested by insects and can weaken when wet. Painting the wood with pest-resistant chemicals naturally added to most commercial wood paints will prevent infestation. It is extremely necessary to paint all wooden parts of the house after the DIY home construction to protect the wood from wear because of water penetration. This will keep the life of the house for up to more than a century.
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Timber Homes, Diy Construction

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    Shylohjacobs- 2011/02/16 04:13:23 am

    Thank you for this article! I can't help but wonder though, did they go through DIY home construction? If not, who built those beautiful homes?

This article was published on 2011/01/26